In 2011, at 21 years old, my amateur interest in nature photography expanded to portraiture photography when the owner and photographer of RIK Photography and Bluff Mountain Inn Wedding Venue  (check out my wedding photography!) needed a new assistant. Though I had never photographed people nor had I ever picked up a DSLR camera, Rick King took me under his wing and taught me everything I know today, as well as what I continue to learn. About 2.5 years in the photography world, I felt comfortable enough to call myself a professional photographer, and I continue to grow.

Due to my loyalty to Bluff Mountain Inn, this is the only location where I photograph weddings. In my 6-year photography career, I have photographed over 400 weddings, countless families and children, and have broaden my interests to take on and photograph just about anything.

As of right now, January 2017, my desire with photography is to take it to the music industry and photograph creative portraits of musicians and other artists.


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